Feel tired, worried and stressed out?

Have sleeping difficulties or lack of energy?

Suffering from headache, tension in your shoulders or your back is aching?

Limited range of movements?

Constipation or blood circulation issues?

Wish to lose your weight?

Looking for the solutions with no side effects?



Talented Massage Therapist is ready

to help you!



Welcome to Vivid Massage  

*calm, friendly and private atmosphere

*Only 100% natural oils are being used

*Both men and women welcome

*Gift Vouchers available





Explore our wide range of Therapies and allow yourself to heal in a natural way!


*Therapeutic Back Massage

  *Deep Tissue 


*Indian Head  



*Acupressure Massage


 *Lymphatic Drainage



Choose from quick relief and

long lasting treatments:


30 min    €30

45 min    €45

 60 min   €60


  90 min   €80  

120 min    €100