Discover a sense of vitality, balance and harmony full of calmness and peace. Massage treatments provide your body with the benefits and healing properties of human touch. It may help to reduce muscle tension and stress, improve sleep and concentration, increase energy levels, improve blood circulation and speed up waste removal, which can improve skin condition and may help weight loss. This is a non-invasive natural therapy, suitable for all ages.



Acupressure (Tui Na) Massage                                     60 min €60

It's like acupuncture with no needles. It's very powerful ancient teqnique. Pressure would be applied on particular parts of the body with a purpose of releasing blocked energy and removing stagnation within physical body and in life. It can be performed being fully dressed or directly on the skin with no oil. It's perfect choice for those who feel uncomfortable to undress.

Holistic Full Body Massage                                            90 min €80

This treatment is for the whole body including indian head massage. A combination of different techniques are used, for example: stretches, pressure points and light relaxing strokes. It treats body as “whole”, balance mind, body and soul and can create instant improvement.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage                                              60 min €60

It's gentle massage therapy with a purpose to increase lymph flow and unblock lymphatic system. You may expect light pressure combined with circular movements and soft pumping. It could be good for detoxification and purification, for increasing energy levels and eliminating fatigue, so as for reducing fluid retention. It helps strengthen immune system and can be very beneficial after cold and flue. It may incredibly reduce pufiness under eyes, amazing for beautiful skin.


Deep Tissue Massage                                                    60 min €60

Hard pressure treatment focused on deeper layers of muscles. It may help target knots and release muscle tension in the limbs and back area. Recommended for those who live an active lifestyle and have good muscle tone.

Therapeutic Back Massage                         30 min €30 / 60 min €60 

 Intensive treatment all over the back to release tension and knots in the back muscles. It can be focused on reducing discomfort in the neck, shoulders & arms and releasing tension in the middle back. It can be adapted for releasing lower back tightness focusing on tight areas on lower back, gluts and sacral area or hips.


Relaxation Massage                                    45 min €45 / 60 min €60

Smooth treatment, this one is all about relaxing. Light pressure and gentle strokes are used. Relieves stress and tension, encourages deeper, more relaxed breathing, improves sleep, leaves sense of wellbeing


Indian Head Massage                                                      30min €30

This treatment covers upper back, neck, face and scalp,includes pressure points. It may help to reduce stress, fatique, anxiety, headaches, sinus congestion, It's beneficial for improving skin condition, hair growth, sleep quality and better concentration. It can be very beneficial for those who do a lot of computer work.


Abdominal Massage                                                       30 min €30

The treatment is available for both men and women. It's being performed on stomach, concentrating on digestion organs, some work on lower back may be included.It can be helpful for indigestion, constipation, bloating and gas. It helps to eliminate toxins. It can be beneficial for reducing tension in lower back and releasing emotional tension. 

Reflexology                                                                45 min €45 / 60 min €60

This treatment is mostly focused on feet. Pressure will be applied  on specific points of feet which are connected with various  systems and internal organs so it may benefit entire body. It's being performed fully dressed (except socks and shoes), lying down on a massage table. It helps to improve blood circulation, metabolism and elimination, aids relaxation, may improve sleep. It could be beneficial for improving blood flow within slugish body's parts or for general detox.

Legs Massage 

45 min €45 /  60 min €60

This It's all about legs, starting from lower back and then gluteal area, hamstrings, calfs, IT band, tight hip flexors and groins, so as feet can be covered with the main focus on area which needs attention most. May include a mixture of  deep and light pressure, stretches, rotation and manipulating on acupressure points. It's an amazing treatment for those who are walking a lot, dancing, running, or cycling. It's also useful for those who are sitting for long periods of time (after traveling, working at the desk). Highly recommended before and after sports events.